Marketplace Store / Multi Vendor Ecommerce Website Design


Using RakeBig you can create an online marketplace for your business where multiple vendors can come and signup to sell their products online. Vendors get their own dashboards to upload / manage product inventories and to fulfill orders they recieve from the Marketplace. Rakebig multi vendor ecommerce software helps you to create an ecommerce market place or a smart ecommerce website with vast product catalogue at reduced cost and time. Seamless integrations with major payment gateways and logistics parters reduces you manpower dependence while running an online marketplace and gives you control over the complete business.

Why start a Marketplace Store?

As a business owner it will be impossible for you to stock and ship all the items youa re selling online. Stocking of items cause a huge pileup in dead inventory as well as incur a major warehousing cost which eats up your profit margins online. At this point a Marketplace model comes to your resuce which works on a just-in-time model for product order fulfillment. Through the Retaxis Multi Vendor Ecommerce platform a buyer on your store can create order for multiple items which is split automatically according to the sellers fulfilling the order. The sellers can thru their panel fulfill the orders and the system automatically takes care of the amounts to be recieved to paid to the seller. As a marketplace owner using Retaxis multi vendor solution you only need to focus on three things.

Get ready for your Online Success