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We have the best WordPress experts that are dedicated to speed up your website or blog to achieve better user experience, engagement, and sales. This service will also fix any problems or issues that relate to your WordPress or those that affects your website speed. By hiring us, you will enjoy a better website with much faster load rate that will surely boost up your sales and traffic.


Analyzing More Than 17+ Different Factors:

  • Defer parsing of JavaScript.
  • Browser caching.
  • Cache validation.
  • Combining images using CSS sprites.
  • Images optimization.
  • Removing query strings from static resources.
  • Minifying CSS.
  • Minifying HTML.
  • Minifying JavaScript.
  • Enabling gzip compression.
  • Checking bad requests.
  • Checking characters set in the meta tag.
  • Checking landing page redirects.
  • Minimizing redirects.
  • Minimizing request size.
  • Optimizing the order of styles and scripts.
  • Serving resources from a consistent URL.
  • Checking CSS @import.

Web Page Speed Optimization Services in Delhi

Page Speed Optimization Service in Delhi NCR

We Provide Advanced Speed Optimization for WordPress Website With Google Page Insight . Get Score mobile 85+ and Desktop 95+ .


✔ Configure and optimize a great .htaccess file
✔ Enable Gzip Compression.
✔ Leverage browser caching.
✔ Setup advanced Caching scripts to load website super fast (Page Caching, Browser Caching, Database Caching,
Object Caching)
✔ Add Expires Header (For Better Cache Control).
✔ Minification of html,css, js
✔ Defer parsing of JavaScript.
✔ Remove Query Strings From Static Resources
✔ Make fewer HTTP requests
✔ Datatabase Optimization, and reduced page size.
✔ Optimize images using loseless compression for maximum speed.
✔ Disable hot-linking and leeching of your content
✔ Control the amount of post revisions stored
✔ Remove unneeded WordPress bloats and features like emoji, etc.
✔ Configure LazyLoad feature to reduce number of HTTP requests
✔ Load YouTube video in light-weight manner.
✔ Send Reports before and after Google PageSpeed Insights & Yslow.
✔ Give you advice on making homepage load quicker and adjust if necessary.

◈◈FINALLY: I provide support and fix any errors that might (though it’s rare) get thrown up by the optimization work afterwards for FREE . I also offer full refund if there is no significant improvement on speed.

♡♡♡ BONUS ♡♡♡
✔ Super Fast & Friendly support.

☆☆☆ Guarantee ☆☆☆
You will be 100% happy with your site speed & performance or I’ll offer full refund of your money without asking a single question.