Convert your WooCommerce store into a fully integrated eBay store in minutes.  Marketplace Connect is the new standard for integrated eBay selling. We believe alternative solutions are too hard & time consuming to setup and use. So we applied 15 years’ experience with ecommerce platforms, eBay integration, developer work flows and merchant selling processes to make eBay better for both merchants and developers.

Marketplace Connect incorporates maximum automation to get you selling quickly and clever product design to make managing product catalogs on eBay quick & easy. By auto-categorizing products into the most appropriate eBay category, including a professional mobile optimized sales template and applying eBay best practice selling defaults to your products as standard suggestions out the box, you’re ready to list your entire catalog on eBay without any configuration. There is no more building from ground zero, product by product, going through the time consuming process of having to create profiles and templates first. If you’re not happy with a suggested setting, our XpressGrid interface makes changing the suggestions fast & simple. Or you can simply apply profiles for traditional listing management.

Powerful control via full real time inventory synchronization between your ecommerce platform and eBay, full template editing & logic, custom attribute mapping, advanced freight  functionality & multi-account support means Marketplace Connect is also designed for the largest online businesses looking for advanced options and deeper configuration.

Key Features

  • Real time, two-way synchronization of product catalog & inventory between WooCommerce & eBay
  • Orders from eBay sent to WooCommerce for efficient fulfilment
  • Products auto-categorized into most appropriate eBay category
  • Professional, full editable, mobile optimized template apply to every listing
  • List on any eBay marketplace worldwide
  • Supports multi-account/multi eBay marketplace
  • XpressGrid multi edit for simple management
  • Order control for sending to WooCommerce
  • Automatic feedback& shipping tracking on eBay
  • Domestic and international shipping options
  • Platform calculated shipping rate support
  • Supports multi-variant products
  • CDN for image hosting
  • Retain sales history of existing eBay listings by mapping to products in WooCommerce
  • Lightweight plugin design – minimal files in WordPress