Develop Any Software Or Web Application According Your Demo


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Businesses often need internal software to run efficiently.

Maybe you need a customer management web portal to keep track of sales and followups. Maybe you need a database interface to track business inventory. Or an expenses approval system, or a factory assembly line status tracker.

Buying an off-the-shelf customer management system or inventory tracker is too generic and may not fit the needs of your business. Hiring in-house programmers could cost many thousands of dollars. But if you have need of a simple business process application you’d like to implement to optimize your business operations, then this is a pretty economical way to get a working prototype that you can build upon.

I will build you a business-related web app that you can run to optimize your business operations. This includes creating custom database records that model your specific business – for example you have ten types of toys along with wholesale orders and sales people. These are modeled in the database and you can get tables and forms for these records.

All projects can have user accounts and backend dashboards. However unfortunately at these prices I’m unable to offer unlimited UI customization.


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